I am grateful to my dear guests for sharing their feedback on my work.

“I thoroughly enjoy the lomi-lomi massages I received from Eva. I could completely relax and was left revitalized. She is not only very professional and knowledgeable but also very gentle, caring and full of heartfelt attention.”
— Mariana T.

“Eva es una excelente profesional, te invita con sus manos y brazos y con su presencia energética 100% a entrar en el interior de tus células y a hacer un viaje de conexion con tu cuerpo y con tu alma. Respeto , amor, cuidado y profesionalidad es toda ella.Sesion muy relajante y profunda que te ayuda a estar en el presente y conectar con tu cuerpo y tus necesidades.”—Maite L.

“Great experience for body and soul alike. A fantastic journey of self-discovery. I am already waiting for my next session with Eva.”
— Leonora K.

Natural, magico, pura energia, estoy muchisimo mejor que cuando entre. Eva transmite paz y harmonia, su masaje es perfecto, es experta en su cometido, es maravilloso! Muy muy recomendable! Volvere.”—Angelique L.

“I go for Lomi Lomi massage to Eva since more than one year, and I think she is better and better in massage technique, and her Lomi Lomi bodywork is more and more effective.
I go for a massage every time with a specific goal. What is important for me that time, and with what I want to work with during the next few weeks after the massage. My experience is that, after a session strong changes come in my life, so it is very fantastic. There is a huge physical effect of Lomi Lomi, since I go to Eva. My left ankle has been inflexible for 10 years, but after a Lomi session this summer the problem is gone. It is very interesting, because I have done special exercises to intensify my ankles flexibility, but didn’t work. This massage could dissolve a block in me, and as a result, my ankle is better than ever! I’m very-very thankful for this!”
— Niki S.

“Eva got me out of space and time, I felt safe and relaxed, both physically and mentally. If you want to refresh, revive, give her massage a try!”
— Emese K.

“The first one or two occasions with Eva was about pure enjoyment for my tired back, legs, head, body…2 hours of total relaxation. After a while it turned out that there’s much more to it. Session by session, we started to talk more about my spiritual processes, physical symptoms, and incorporated this into the bodywork. The joyful aspect remained, only we focused on some specific topic. It is efficient! I usually visit Eva’s studio once a month, but I can hardly wait for the 30 days to pass by.”
— Silvia M.

“As a professional massage therapist and regular traveller, I try to find a good therapist for myself wherever I travel to regularly. As you can imagine my expectations and requirements are rather at the higher end of the scale.
In Barcelona, I have found Eva at Lomi Lomi Bodywork in Bcn.
She is a sensitive and dedicated massage therapist, with a profound respect for her art and her clients.
She has a delicate and strong touch.
Her home studio is comfortable. She uses good oils, natural and organic.
She is also a delightful and sensitive human being who truly cares. I am looking forward to seeing her again when I visit Barcelona.”
— Gerald B.

“Eva is a wonderful professional and a born healer. I truly enjoyed my session with her and felt energized for days after the massage. Thank you for the wonderful experience.”
— Timi O.

“Eva is outstanding! She masters several massage techniques though I usually choose the two-hour long, oily full body massage of Hawaiian lomi-lomi. I am very much impressed and humbled by the level of service and attention I receive from Eva any time I go to her massage. I always feel I am in good hands. She is so knowledgeable and friendly, warm-hearted, and amazing at what she does. Eva always goes above and beyond: she treats my body right and also makes me relaxed so much that I often fall asleep. Her massage treatment is not just about healing the body but the mind and soul as well. During the process all calms down. I cannot thank her enough and will continue to recommend her to anyone interested in lomi-lomi massage!”—Andrea R.

“This massage is a fantastic experience, I’ve already had it twice. Eva has made me fly both times, I felt I was on Hawaii, literally. Eva is a great masseuse, with a big heart and very good therapeutic hands. As a masseur myself, I warmly recommend to give her massage a try. Aloha!”
— Niki M.

“Thanks a lot for the great experience. Eva’s lomi lomi massage is the best. I liked it.
I could relax and let my fears go out. Hope to get lomi from Eva one more next time.
Thank you for your sensitivity and mastery.”
— Elena T.

“I have never been so relaxed in my life! This massage is something totally different. Eva is a fantastic masseur! She has a special charisma. You can feel how much positive energy she is putting in to this in order to give you the best massage you have ever had.”
— K.N.