Lomi Lomi Bodywork

Sacred Hawaiian bodywork in Barcelona

The practitioner

I am passionate about Lomi Lomi and Hawaiian culture in general.

profileOne day in 2013 out of the blue came a realization that I would become a massage therapist. Since then, I have been studying various massage modalities, the first being Swedish massage. I received my first Lomi Lomi treatment in October 2013 and it became a turning point in my life. The experience prompted me to begin my studies of Lomi Lomi and traditional Hawaiian hula in January 2014 at the Centre for Polynesian Healing Arts, an institute led by Witold Kucharczyk in Budapest. I got certified in November the same year. Since then, I have been practicing in Budapest, Lille, and actually in Barcelona. In the meantime, I fell in love with traditional Thai yoga massage, and completed a course led by Balázs Németh of Sunshine Network. Recently I have been more and more immersed in 5Rhythms dance, and found Body-Mind Centering, both are wonderful practices to experiment with and expand body- and cellular consciousness. In June 2019 I had the honor and pleasure in participating in an Ancient Lomi Lomi retreat led by Jody Mountain, student of Kahu Abraham Kawai’i. In her I found a most amazing teacher and hopefully will be able to continue training with her in the future.

This is a constant and never-ending learning process and I am deeply grateful to everyone whom I met on this journey.

Now I am enthusiastic about sharing the blessings of Hawaiian sacred touch with as many of us as possible. I feel that people now are desperately in need of touch, in need of connecting to themselves (and others), and of slowing down and realize what is their truth. Especially women, who are the givers and nurturing soil of our world. It is essential for us to find our own mana, our infinite power and resource, because revolution starts from within. Lomi Lomi is a wonderful tool to help us in this process.

Mahalo and Aloha! Thank you and much love to you all.